Monday, 19 May 2014

I personally have no interest in tarnishing a companies reputation; I do ask the same in return. The difference is that the symbol is very old and much more sacred than a fashion logo. 

Fair enough if you don't get that. What I do expect however is basic common sense, basic integrity, basic human compassion and understanding. Unfortunately I must be naive as in the world of corporations and financial gain none of the above have a place. 

This is the future of fashion …. compainies no longer offend people (this is a given) but thanks to technology we make it worse ten fold as it spreads like a virus. We live in a society where children know the McDonalds logo before they develop a full vocabulary. Logos surround us every day with or without us knowing. 

So yes it does matter. It matters to me! Logos are everywhere and they must be CLEAR 

If the logo of a  pharmaceutical drug and a candy bar were similar we would be in big trouble. No? 

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