Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I'll be covering the Cavalli protest tomorrow @V&A museum in London on my blog

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Why is Cavalli insisting on ignoring Sufis worldwide?

When you twitter search #cavalli there is no excuse the evidence is there; deliberately ignoring thousands! Twitter might just be one platform but this has gone on long enough and a statement needs to be made from the company.

Sufis have been ignored for far too long and have promoted(if that's even the correct word) nothing but peace and knoweldge in the areas in which they live. We live in a time where civil wars are never ending and hatred towards religion is on the increase. We need to step up and recognise the peaceful people amongst them so that the rest follow suit not ignore them. Politics and finance have no place in religion and spirituality in my opinion.

 It is not surprising to see a quiet group of students feel hurt and upset on twitter by the recent behaviour of Cavalli regarding their add campaign "Just Cavalli". For corporations to turn their heads at times like this just confirms the idea that it's a corporate jungle out there where each is out for their own profit. It's just such a shame that this time it came at the cost of a 1400 year old emblem of a school.

Sufism due to its the nature and practice is seldom mentioned in the news or media. For Sufis, it is also not something to be used for gaining recognition or status. BUT this does not mean that the people lack feeling or emotion and that offence is not taken when something close to their hearts is misused as a sex symbol .

Monday, 19 May 2014

I personally have no interest in tarnishing a companies reputation; I do ask the same in return. The difference is that the symbol is very old and much more sacred than a fashion logo. 

Fair enough if you don't get that. What I do expect however is basic common sense, basic integrity, basic human compassion and understanding. Unfortunately I must be naive as in the world of corporations and financial gain none of the above have a place. 

This is the future of fashion …. compainies no longer offend people (this is a given) but thanks to technology we make it worse ten fold as it spreads like a virus. We live in a society where children know the McDonalds logo before they develop a full vocabulary. Logos surround us every day with or without us knowing. 

So yes it does matter. It matters to me! Logos are everywhere and they must be CLEAR 

If the logo of a  pharmaceutical drug and a candy bar were similar we would be in big trouble. No? 

quote of the day

“Tell yourself at every step in the design process that someone has undoubtedly already thought of this and what can you do to really set it apart. In design, and particularly logo design, the pessimistic axiom that “everything has already been done” is becoming more and more true, and it is only the virtuous designer who can continue to stand out in a sea of sameness.”


Friday, 16 May 2014

Link for the Photoshop story - courtesy of Huffington Post
I don't know if you all remember when this image of Beyonce was released last year….
as you can see it was heavily photoshopped and I don't even want to get into how this image is screaming WRONG !

This isn't about airing Cavalli dirty laundry as it was acknowledged as a mistake and is in the past. But it just leaves me to wonder how many mistakes a PR company as high in profits as Cavalli makes in a decade?

Having a teenage sister this is not what I would like her to aspire to in magazines but some girls unfortunately do and suffer as a result of acts of ignorance. It's not beneficial to anyone. And the solution is simple. Its research, it's researching about something before it's release to prevent offending anyone.

Thousands are currently upset regarding the Just Cavalli logo and have yet to even hear a response. Why?

Why shy away from faith groups? Aren't they people too?