Friday, 1 August 2014

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If trademark infringement, disrespect, corporate abuse, mockery of faith and belief, customer neglect, basic human moral and compassion mean anything to you:


Whether you are a Jew, a Chrsitian, a Muslim, a Hindu, undecided it doesn't matter. Would you sit around and watch someone tarnish something dear to you? NO

This might not be a bombing of a hospital in Gaza or front page news material; I understand that and nobody is claiming it is.  It needs to be noted that it is something that has dragged out not because hundreds of thousands of Sufis have nothing better to do but sit around and hashtag takeoffjustlogo all day but because there has been close to 0 compassion or apology shown from the Cavalli corporation.This has been an ongoing situation and we ask for the support of our friends and global community to support our campaign.

Roberto Cavalli needs to understand that if you choose to ignore a mistake it does not vanish nor is this an easy fight just because we are a faith group. Trademark law exists for a reason, it is a whole branch of law thought in law school not for fun but because we as a society chose that it is important to maintain respect between ideas and designs the same way we are thought in elementary/primary school to not copy.

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